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What are the options for people who cannot find the right day habilitation program?

Attain and Gain has the answer!


If you are enrolled in DDD’s Support Program, and are having a difficult time finding suitable day habilitation and pre-vocational resources, Attain and Gain can provide individualized programming that offers stimulating support and services. Attain and Gain can offer short-term solutions or can be used on a long-term basis!


Whatever your needs, we can build a special program just for you!

One to one services in the home

The individual will have a program tailored to fit his/her needs. Using a myriad of resources such as direct service staff, educators and behaviorists, the program is tailored to fit your very needs. Since we work with you to create a program that is individually customized to you, you will see positive change right away.

One to one with an emphasis towards integrating into an existing day program.

If you want to learn the skills necessary to go into an existing adult day habilitation program or are still looking for the right one, Attain and Gain can work with you to achieve the skills that you need.  This short-term solution is great for people that want to eventually enter a larger social, educational, and pre-vocational environment.

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