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We are very proud of this valuable service we provide to the community.  Individuals are ecstatic that we bridged the gap between DDD and UBER/Lyft to provide safe, efficient transportation alternatives to individuals. We charge a flat rate starting at $3.00 per mile regardless of the rate charged by UBER/Lyft . (This means that when the UBER ride costs more, we don’t ask you for the difference.)

Uber Download links

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Attain and Gain payment intermediary system now has a ride-share price comparison tool! By comparing all the major ride options in one free app you get access to more cars and cheaper rides. Call (973)-241-3088 today to find out how to setup it up and use it!


Who wants a lyft? We can help you starting 12/4/2019

Uber Tutorials:

COVID-19 Info

New to Uber #1

Released 9/17/2019 - RideCheck

New to Uber #2

Adding Multiple Stops

Rules of the Road:

Scheduling a Ride in Advance

Uber will send an invite email to all the email addresses you provided.  


Once linked YOU are in control. You don’t need to call anyone.  Just use UBER/Lyft ..


You can order UberX rides.  Make sure Attain and Gain is selected as the payment option when confirming your ride (it will say Attain and Gain right above the Confirm UberX button).



There is zero out of pocket expense to you.  Every week you will have an opportunity to review all trips and sign-off on their accuracy.  If everything looks good you will sign off and click finish. If a ride looks questionable feel free to call us at 973-241-3088 to discuss any issues.  You can download a signed copy of your trips for your records,  we also store them so you can reach out to us if you need a copy.



Your ride budget does not include tipping.  Feel free to tip out of pocket if you wish.


Cancelled Rides:

If you or the UBER/Lyft  Driver cancel, order another UBER/Lyft .   We will deal with the cancellations after the ride is completed.  You will NEVER be charged for a cancelled ride.  When in doubt cancel and start over. Safety first.


Everyone gets home policy

If you run out of miles in the middle of the day you have our assurance that we never pause or terminate service in the middle of the day.  We will absorb the cost of any overruns.  Everyone gets home, period.



You will receive a weekly summary of your current mile usage. This is so that you can plan and track your service usage.



*Attain and Gain is a payment intermediary we are not UBER/Lyft .  You will be using UBER/Lyft directly and are using their community of drivers.

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