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Weekend Respite

Weekend Respite opportunities:

  • Food and Activities are not covered and are an out-of-pocket expense. We require each participant to bring $200 minimum in cash to cover these costs. All receipts and change will be provided at checkout to the family.

  • We cannot have a weekend with less than 2 people. This means that even though you are confirmed if we do not have a 2nd person with interest the weekend will be cancelled, and you will be asked to move to another weekend.

  • We cannot guarantee 1:1 support without discussion in advance of your weekend to determine if it is feasible or not.

  • If your child is on medications the medications must be brought in their original containers or they will be turned away.

  • If you are in the Support Program Weekends are considered 120 units of Respite and 2 units of Overnight Respite.

  • We must have an approved plan prior to the weekend of interest. A draft or verbal promise will not suffice.

  • Drop Off is Friday nights at 4pm and pick up is Sunday at 3pm.

  • If the participant is scheduled a weekend and is a no call, no show, she/he will be responsible for any activity fees Attain and Gain purchased in advance.

  • An itinerary will be provided to the families prior to the weekend respite.

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